Laser Engraving

SURE MARKING SERVICES was established in 2005 and specialise in laser engraving and laser marking services. We engrave and permanently mark a variety of products, materials and surfaces across many industries and markets covering various applications.

We are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and service customers locally, nationally and internationally. We are a company focused on keeping things simple, offering exceptional quality, high service levels and competitive prices.

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What Is Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving or Laser Marking is a computer-driven process whereby an image, logo or text is engraved / cut into an object by removing approx 0,7mm to 1mm of the surface of the product. The laser head guides and steers a beam of light’s focal point which is driven by a computer onto the item being engraved. Click here for some laser engraving history

Laser Engraving Benefits:

  • Permanent Marking – Once laser engraved, the inscription, message or logo remains with the product for life. Some items and products simply deserve to be lazer engraved, for that up market finish, adding value to the product unlike any other branding method.
  • Graphic flexibility – Graphics, Logos, text, trademarks, alpha-numeric, icons and symbols can easily be marked onto various items from complicated medical and industrial products to promotional items, corporate gifts and and decorative items.
  • Repeat Marking – As the process is electronically controlled high positioning accuracy of laser marking can be replicated many times ensuring consistent quality from the first to the very last product.
  • Non contact marking – Allows for a wide range of items to be marked.
  • Resolution – Detailed and complex logos are produced with clarity, precision and high legibility down to a character size of 0.1mm.
  • Sequential marking – Sequential number processing is computer controlled ensuring no duplication.
  • Quality – Due to the precision of the laser beam, markings produced are accurate throughout the production process and are high quality, crisp, clean and permanent. Laser marking can achieve accuracy in small detail engravings unmatched by any other engraving method. Products are “brought to life” when logos and messages are etched through our high quality laser engraving process. Please see Artwork requirements
  • Environment – Laser engraving is a controlled process and generates no waste. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to contact engraving, pad printing, chemical etching, silk screening and other lower quality branding methods.

What makes SURE MARKING SERVICES Different?

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Our Equipment / Services:

  • State of the art technologically advanced laser engraving and marking machinery (Nd: YAG; Nd:Y04, Fiber Lasers Systems etc) produce high quality markings / engravings.
  • Consistent quality: We perform strict quality control on all items that go through our systems to ensuring top quality!
  • Marking and Engraving on a variety of surfaces: Aluminium – Natural or Anodised, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Koskin to mention a few.
  • Branding of corporate gifts and promotional products.
  • Set up / Jigging – NO CHARGE on items suitable for our standard jigs e.g. most pens, key rings etc.
  • Lead-time: We operate beyond standard working hours in order to offer you the quickest turn around time, and exceptional service.
  • Competitively priced.
  • We understand the value of good service and GOOD suppliers.  Click here to read more

Our People:

  • Owner driven / involvement – personalised service, TOTALLY committed to ensuring highest QUALITY, SERVICE and BEST VALUE.
  • Highly motivated to find solutions to your laser marking requirements.
  • Skilled laser engravers with quality custom solutions.
  • A “no nonsense” friendly, professional approach.
  • “Honesty is our policy” we do what we say we can.

Our Growth

  • Our relationships with our customers keep us in business. We understand this. We aim to stay smart and focused – NOT taking our customers for granted. In this way we stay profitable, keeping both our client’s and our bottom lines healthy.
  • Whatever your custom laser engraving and marking requirements may be, give the Professional Laser Engravers a call, or click here to email us!

List Of Laser Engraved Items

Confidential Disclosure

We at Sure Marking Services are only interested in laser engraving and marking logos given to us by our customers. All information, whether oral, written or otherwise, that is supplied shall be treated as confidential. We will not use the information for any purpose, other than for the purpose instructed by our clients.